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  • About Us

    DZOIC LLC is primarily a web based business founded in 2006, specializing in software for the creation of social networking and many other MySQL based websites. The current owner, Joseph Duncanson, was a former employee and head of development for the Company. He has worked in the development and programming industry for over 20 years and has a wide range of skills including retail sales and customer service.

    Exceptional customer communication is one of our top priorities and we are continuously working on ways to enhance it as well as offering excellent support options. One of our key goals is to establish and grow a strong development community within the website so a variety of resources will be available to our users.

    DZOIC LLC's Development Team is very knowledgeable and has years of experience in the customization of scripts and creation of websites. We can use data you provide, i.e., designs, logo, screenshots, themes, etc or you can simply tell us what you want and we'll do the rest! Our team can even customize the existing software modules to better suit your needs. Projects are completed accurately and on time!

    Your feedback is vital to us in our effort to achieve our goal of providing 100% customer satisfaction. We look forward to providing excellent products and service to both our existing and new customers. It is our belief that Handshakes Professional is one of the most powerful web development tools available today. Your business is appreciated and we look forward to serving you.

    DZOIC is your Development Zone of Internet Components!

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